President’s Message – Spring 2018

Dear HFMA Sunflower Chapter Membership,

We challenged ourselves this year by discussing change and what we could do as a Chapter with strategic planning. Our strategic planning will become vital in 2018-2019 as the Chapter Dashboard changes to incorporate a Chapter Success Plan with updates quarterly to the Regional Executive. Also in 2018-2019 the Sunflower Chapter, along with every other Chapter, will implement CVent. CVent is an event management system that will connect the HFMA member database to confirm HFMA membership, track events and hours, replace our current program planning tool, report networking events, replace quality reporting, issue and track CPEs for Chapter events, and create reports. All things we do individually and manually now. 2018-2019 will bring positive change to both this board and our members.

As the holidays approached I offered my thanks to our members, now is my opportunity to offer my thanks to this team that I have had the honor to work with this last year. These officers, directors, and committee chairs and their committee members make it possible for us as a Chapter to continue to provide quality education at a reasonable cost with speakers who are relevant to what is happening in health care locally, regionally, and nationally. Thank you, Danica Case, Nikki Esquibel, Codi Cox, Jason Barb, Elizabeth Bishop, Gary Foll, James Garbarino, Linda Sherman, Stephanie Smith, John Nelson, Scott Miles, Sarah Strydom, Audrey Dunkel, Josh Honn, Devon Kim, Paula Pedersen, Tish Hollingsworth, and Kyle Lee. Without each of you awards such as the Platinum Award of Excellence in Education and the C. Henry Hottum Award for Educational Performance Improvement are not possible.

Finally, circling back to the very beginning of the year, where does your passion meet your purpose? My purpose came from my dad. He had his first heart attack when I was eight and he was just days from turning forty, his second came eighteen years later, I was 26. But now, I was without a dad. The doctors had told him the first open heart/bypass would last him ten years, so I guess he felt lucky to get eighteen years. He always told us, he would never go through open heart/bypass again. Why? Because he would tell you that he remembered them cracking his chest. This is where my passion meets my purpose. I may not be the doctor, the anesthetist, or the nurse who should listen to the patient going into the operating room to alleviate the concerns and fears. But I can listen to the patient who walks into my office who has concerns about the quality of care they received or fears about how they are going to pay their bill. It’s what we need to do for all of our patients, stop and listen. They deserve to have our undivided attention and to be heard. Where does your passion meet your purpose?

With warmest regards,

Laraine I. Gengler, FHFMA
Sunflower (Kansas) Chapter President