President’s Message – Summer ’17

Dear HFMA Sunflower Chapter Membership,

The summer is upon us and I know that means everyone is busy with vacations and enjoying time with their family!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Josh Honn for the great leadership that he showed to the Sunflower Chapter in 2016-2017. He brought you the Rural Road Show which we plan to bring back in 2017-2018 and an updated website. Technology updates were made to the website, a mobile app, and social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Great job Josh!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the membership, for allowing me to serve as your President again in 2017-2018. My first order of business was to bring in Terry Brennan and Jason Meyer, HFMA Chapter Advancement Team members to assist with our annual strategic planning session. I feel that as a Chapter we have an opportunity to get more of our members involved and this was our first step. If you as a member would like to become involved, please reach out to any one of our officers, directors, or committee persons! We would love to have your voice as the Chapter moves forward.

Carol Friesen is our HFMA National Chair in 2017-2018. Carol may be familiar to some of you as she is a member of our neighboring Nebraska Chapter. She has chosen the theme, Where Passion|Meets Purpose. Carol’s question to us all is, “what’s your story?” How do we make an impact on the lives of our patient, our co-workers, and our HFMA friends?

I believe it is imperative for each of us to remember that we are a member of the care team, just because we are the Chief Financial Officer, the Patient Access Manager, or the vendor of choice doesn’t mean we don’t have an impact on the patient. We need to be present and active in what is occurring in our facilities. Let’s think outside of the box to improve the patient experience and share our passion to meet our purpose.

With warmest regards,

Laraine I. Gengler, FHFMA
Sunflower (Kansas) Chapter President.