Region 8 Connection

Hello to the Chapters of Region 8:

This is my first newsletter to you and I am very proud and honored to be serving as your Region 8 Executive.  My name is Bill Fenske and I am the incoming Region 8 Executive.  It is a privilege to serve you and to work with so many dedicated volunteers.  In my initial visits to some of the Chapters, I am so impressed by the commitment of your leaders and your members to continue serving HFMA and making HFMA the strongest professional association within the healthcare industry.

We have a lot going on in Region 8 led by the Mid-America Summer Institute August 24-26 in Minneapolis.  I hope that you will consider attending as the Committee has done an excellent job in preparing a great educational program along with many networking opportunities.  As a reminder to all members who work for providers that there is a Provider Scholarship available for conference registration and lodging.  Please go to the Region 8 website at for further information.

I am very pleased that Kyle Lee, your Region Executive Elect, and I will be working to visit all of the Chapters this upcoming year.  We have been in contact with your Chapter leaders and are working our schedules to attend at least one Chapter event during the year.  As I mentioned above, I have already visited a couple of Chapters that are new to me and was very impressed and pleased by the experience.  I hope that as you see us, you will reach out and introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about HFMA, Region 8, or National HFMA.

So what does a Region Executive do besides travel to Chapter events?  There are five main responsibilities of the Region Executive and Executive Elect:

  1. To serve as the primary volunteer and policy liaison between the Chapters and HFMA National.
  2. To assist chapter leaders in serving its members.
  3. To foster dialogue and effective communications between HFMA National and the local Chapter.
  4. To represent the needs and interests of chapter leaders to the HFMA National Board and management.
  5. To encourage chapters to collaborate with each other and with other organizations

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to my predecessor, Stephanie Hultman.  Stephanie continued the tradition of excellence within Region 8 and we are all appreciative of all of her efforts.  As I mentioned above, Kyle Lee is the Region Executive Elect for this upcoming year.  Kyle has already begun working with your President Elects and will be very involved with our Region 8 Webinars and in the planning for our upcoming Fall Presidents Meeting in Memphis.

During the week of April 17, 2016, your chapter leaders attended the Leadership Training Conference (LTC) in Fort Lauderdale.  LTC is held each year to allow your elected leaders and various committee chairs to receive the training needed to fulfill their responsibilities. LTC is very rewarding and sets the tone for the upcoming year. I would encourage each of you to support your leaders in reaching the goals set for the June 2016 through May 2017 chapter year.

How can you support your leaders?  It takes a team to reach the goals set at each chapter and each of our members are part of that chapter’s team. It can be as simple as attending chapter meetings, attending national meetings or volunteering for a committee. Based on my experience, you will get more out of it than what you put into it. That is one of the many outstanding things about HFMA.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve Region 8, by far the best region in HFMA! I look forward to working alongside your dedicated Chapter Leaders!!

The picture that accompanies this post is my wife Anne and I holding our granddaughters as they attended their first Golden Gopher football game last fall.  As you can see by our expressions, these girls bring great joy to us as we appreciate every moment that we spend with them.


Bill Fenske,

HFMA Region 8 Regional Executive 2016-2017