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That’s right, we finally entered the 21st century and are working to make our presence known on Social Media.  For that to work we need you, our members, to follow and like our pages, share them with your colleagues, your friends, but most of all – Contribute to the conversation!

Facebook: Sunflower Chapter HFMA
Under the events tab on our Facebook page, we list our upcoming events.  Please click on these events, mark that you’re interested, and share on your timeline, your organization’s timeline, or with your friends.  The event page will provide you updates once you’ve marked yourself as attending or interested.  The speakers for quarterly/annual meetings are there and we’ll be sending more updates as they become available.

Twitter: @kshfma
Follow us!
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LinkedIn: Sunflower Chapter HFMA
The Sunflower Chapter HFMA LinkedIn group keeps chapter members up-to-date on professional development through educational programming, information dissemination, job opportunities, leadership training, and networking.

Group members are encouraged to initiate discussions, share their knowledge, opinions and thoughts on topics that affect our industry, and network to grow our membership.

Did you know we have an app?
Get updates about our meetings, create posts, share photos, thank our sponsors, message other members, and so much more!

To download the app to your mobile device search: HFMA Kansas from your app store or use the following links:


Interested in helping our Social Media Committee?
Contact Ruth Dewitt,