Sunflower HFMA Launches New Website

The Sunflower Chapter of the HFMA has launched a new website with a robust news section, a blog and a flexible event calendar.

“The primary objectives of our site development effort were focused on aesthetics, improving and clarifying our content and increasing the visibility of our programs,” said Josh Honn, Chapter President. “The new design allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation and a responsive layout for all platforms. The new website hews to the HFMA brand yet showcases the unique character of the Sunflower Chapter.”

Web developer Rhondda Francis describes the aesthetic as modern, fun and useful while being focused on the people that comprise the chapter’s membership, “As I was looking through the images the chapter provided, I found myself ‘smiling back’ at the members and officers and sponsors. Everyone seemed to be so open and friendly — and having such a great time, at the same time that they were really focused on self-education and industry expertise. I realized that this was the story we needed to tell to potential new members and sponsors: The Kansas chapter are great people, getting things done and having serious fun.”

“The Sunflower Chapter of the HFMA is like the state of Kansas itself: big, bold, wide, open, warm, helpful and hospitable,” Honn says. “The website instantiates that with a friendly tone, bold layout and colors and great readability and usability whether you’re viewing it on a cellphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Please explore the site to learn more about Sunflower HFMA and the full spectrum of services. We hope you’ll consider becoming a member or sponsor.